With a current print run of nearly 8,000 issues, MDÜ readers are a highly-qualified target group. MDÜ therefore contributes significantly to value creation in the industry. Readers of MDÜ include professional linguists that are self-employed or employed in-house at company language service departments, as well as decision makers from industry and business, such as for Volkswagen AG or Siemens AG for language management. Furthermore, subscribers include libraries, universities, authorities as well as professionally relevant institutions in Germany and abroad, such as the Federal Office of Languages. The magazine is considered to be a reference publication; MDÜ is often quoted in scientific studies, at conferences, etc. The extenisve reading time and excellent reviews from a detailed reader survey underscore the high value of the medium.

Advertising formats and deadlines

The closing date for submitting advertisements is usually four weeks before the publishing date. Please see the media information for specific deadlines and advertising formats.

Your direct connection to placing advertisements:

E-mail: anzeigen(at)bdue.de
Phone: +49 (0) 30 887128-32/-34.

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