10 good reasons

... for becoming a member of Germany's largest professional organization of interpreters and translators

  1. Power in numbers
    Over 7,000 translators and interpreters have decided to become members of BDÜ – together, we can achieve more.
  2. Professional development on a broad range of relevant topics
    Lifelong learning is a must for interpreters and translators. Members participate in professional development events offered by BDÜ and other professional associations at discounted rates.
  3. Consultancy and professional representation in professional matters
    As a competent partner of industry, politics, official authorities, academia and research and the general public, we represent the interests of our members and act to enhance public perception and recognition of the professions. BDÜ offers competent points of contact for all important issues: Offices, executive board members and special advisers for special topics.
  4. Promotional measures
    Our online database allows potential clients to use a broad range of search options, such as by language, specialization, place and name. In addition, member directories and directories of specialized interpreters and translators are distributed to official authorities, institutions and interested companies.
  5. Active networking
    During group meetings, seminars and other BDÜ events, but also via various online networks, members actively exchange  information and experiences.
  6. MeinBDÜ communication platform
    BDÜ's internal discussion and information platform offers access to the knowledge of a large community.
  7. Discounted insurance policies
    As a BDÜ member, you benefit from a strong community: BDÜ has entered into attractive framework agreements with a number of major insurance companies.
  8. MDÜ magazine for interpreters and translators
    Our members receive six issues of our prestigious magazine every year.
  9. Student member rates
    Students who are currently in training to become a translator and/or interpreter pay a reduced rate and receive a broad range of services.
  10. The BDÜ member ID
    Our member ID opens many doors for you at official authorities and courts.


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