Recommendations for awarding contracts/assignments

The field of linguistics is also subject to the principle of “cheap is not always good, quality has its price.” Therefore, it is recommended to clearly define your own needs and quality requirements.

The following criteria should be taken into account:

  • Language pair, if required the desired native language of the translator or interpreter
  • Industry, specialty
  • Deadlines

In addition for translations:

  • Text types (such as instruction manual, annual report, contract, website, advertising text, etc.)
  • Target group and purpose (such as employee information, publication, legal validity, etc.)
  • Type and length of the provided documents (Word files, PDF files, standard formats, non-editable formats, paper copies, etc.))
  • Special requirements for the translation (extensive for-matting, graphics, special file types, software, terminology, etc.)

In addition for interpreting services

  • Working conditions for interpreters (booth, podium, negotiation, accompaniment, etc.)
  • Event location
  • Type of interpreting (simultaneous/consecutive/whispered interpreting)
  • Technical equipment
  • Provision of speech manuscripts as well as expert material as a preparation  

Recommendations for the offer phase

It is much easier to find a suitable language professional based on clearly defined requirements. It is crucial to commission a professional linguist at a minimum for all outward targeted translations or interpreting services. The easiest way to do so is to use the BDÜ database search.

Refer here for a short description of the typical offer and calculation modes.

When specifying a deadline, please keep in mind that the translator and interpreter should have enough time to study expert literature, if possible, and to consult experts. This is the only way to guarantee a high degree of quality.

We recommend to generally place orders in writing to avoid legal issues.

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