Recommendations for order handling

Good communication is vital in the working phase.

When you place an order, provide the translator and interpreter with all information on the service you require:

  • Define your requirements as precisely as possible.
  • Provide reference and specialist materials of your company
    These materials further specify the context for interpreters/translators and gives them an insight into your company terminology.
  • Name a contact person for expert issues
    Language is alive and individual. Therefore, only the author of a text can say specifically what he/she meant with a particular formulation, what exactly the underlying purpose was and what the partner in abroad is supposed to understand.
  • Do not be alarmed if a translator contacts you with specific questions on the contents of the text during order processing
    This shows that the translator has dealt with the text intensively and carefully and this is to be certainly welcome from the aspect of quality.

How much time does a translator need?

Translation is not just copying with other letters. It is a highly specialized activity that requires varying amounts of time depending on the specific order particularities:

  • Occurrence of specific terms
  • First job or follow-up job with the same topic
  • Informational translation or print-ready template
  • Formatting requirements
  • Format of the source document (editable/non-editable, translation of text in graphics, etc.)
  • Degree of cultural differences

Plan your translation tasks as soon as possible

This is the only way that the translator has enough time to deliver the desired quality. If you fail to do so, this may result in reduced quality since for rush orders there often is not sufficient time to carefully research all expert terms.

Splitting orders among multiple translators

Advantage: time savings
Disadvantage: inconsistent styles


Add proofreading when using multiple translators for a project to compensate for differences.

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