Association structure and organization

BDÜ is an umbrella organization of 13 chapters of interpreters and translators and is headquartered in Berlin.

The volunteer Federal Executive Committee is currently composed of the President, seven Vice-Presidents and the Treasurer. It is tasked with all aspects that affect the interests of more than one chapter. The Federal Executive Comittee's tasks also include representing the association at social and political events and implementing the decisions of the annual member convention.

The President is the head of the Federal Executive Comittee. He is in charge of adhering to the statutes and decisions of the annual member convention and the Federal Executive Commitee. The Vice-Presidents are in charge of one or multiple areas and they and the President receive support from currently 15 Special advisers

The Federal Head Office is located in central Berlin.

The Head Office coordinates the work of the Federal Executive Committee, coordinates the communication between the Federal Executive Committee, chapters, special advisers and other association committees and manages major BDÜ projects. In addition, the head office is the point of contact for interested persons and the public at large.

Interpreters Translators

More than 7,500 professional linguists for more than 80 languages and numerous areas of specialization


Continuous professional development and entrepreneurial skills – throughout Germany

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