The high access numbers of the member database on the Internet indicate that clients use this option to spe-cifically search for linguists. Full members are able to enter their information, including language combinations, fields of activity (translator, interpreter, conference interpreter, sworn), specialties and technical equipment, into the national BDÜ online database as well the digital (and in some cases, printed) directories of the chapters free of charge. Member directories of the individual chapters can be obtained via their respective offices.

Members can place a link to their own website in the member database and can provide detailed information on the services they offer potential clients.

BDÜ represents the interests of its members vis a vis policymakers, courts, official authorities and agencies, organizations and clients.
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With its rigorous membership criteria and broad range of professional development opportunities, the Association fosters a high degree of quality awareness for its members and also communicates this to the public.

BDÜ offers working groups or affiliate associations for the different types of language professionals: Verband der Konferenzdolmetscher im Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e.V. (professional association of conference interpreters in BDÜ - VKD), for example, represents the interests of conference inter-preters. A dedicated adviser group for legal interpreters and patent translators at the state and federal level acts on behalf of the special interests of sworn translators and interpreters and, for example, advocates standardization of the certification and remuneration practices that continue to vary widely depending on the German state.

Lifelong learning is essential for translators and inter-preters to keep their technical and linguistic skills up to date at all times and to therefore deliver high-quality services.

BDÜ has therefore set itself the task of offering a wide range of professional development events on professionally relevant topics. These events are held centrally (in Berlin) and regionally. For these seminars, we engage well-known experts, but we are able to offer these seminars at comparatively attractive prices thanks to the commitment on the part of many volunteer seminar organizers. Special rates apply for BDÜ members, members of FIT associations and students.

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MeinBDÜ is a platform, that is exclusively available to members of BDÜ for communicating and exchanging information, for networking and as an important source of information on professional interpreting and/or translating.

The focus of MeinBDÜ is on different forums that provide the opportunity to discuss expert and professional issues and problems of any kind. MeinBDÜ offers support and advice from colleagues as well as extensive information on the activities of the association.

An integrated messaging system is available for members to also communicate privately in a protected space. And a knowledge database gathers useful instructions and information in a single location.

Furthermore, MeinBDÜ has an interactive calendar as well as the member and association management that members can use to conveniently edit their information or also search for other members.

To succeed in your job today, you need more than solid credentials. In addition to practical experience, updating yourself regularly on new developments in the industry, overarching regulations, tax-related and entrepreneurial requirements, technical innovations, and much more, plays an important role.

The Internet naturally offers a seemingly infinite amount of information. But it is easy to get lost in the abundance of information and searches are becoming more and more time-consuming. For this reason, BDÜ offers its members a number of different channels for obtaining information.

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MDÜ offers providers of products or services geared towards interpreters and translators the opportunity to address their target group via the various BDÜ media with little to no coverage waste.

Print advertising in MDÜ magazine
Advertising banners on websites
Job postings

We offer BDÜ members the option of advertising their services specific to a particular industry in the directories of specialized translators - such as the  “List of Less Commonly Used Languages”, the “Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technology Specialist List”, the  “Business and Finance Specialist List” or the “Technical Documentation Specialist List”.

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