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To succeed in your job today, you need more than solid credentials. In addition to practical experience, staying abreast of new developments in the industry, overarching regulations, tax-related and entrepreneurial requirements, technical innovations, and much more, plays an important role.

The Internet naturally offers a seemingly infinite amount of information. But it is easy to get lost in the abundance of information and searches are requiring more and more time. For this reason, BDÜ offers its members a number of different channels for obtaining information.


MeinBDÜ is a forum that is available exclusively for BDÜ members for communicating and exchanging information, for networking and as an important source of information regarding work as an interpreter/and or translator.

The focus of MeinBDÜ is on different topic conferences that provide the opportunity to discuss expert and professional questions on issues and problems of any kind. MeinBDÜ offers support and advice from colleagues as well as extensive information on the activities of the association.

An integrated messaging system is available for members to also communicate privately in a protected space. And a knowledge database gathers useful instructions and information in a single location.

Furthermore, MeinBDÜ has an interactive calendar as well as the member and association management that members can use to conveniently edit their information or also search for other members.


BDÜ's newsletter provides regular information on developments and events in the association and in the industry.

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